Mr. Beefy’s Long Road Home

This is an amazing story.

I want to tell you a story about a dog.

a lonely dog. an abandoned dog. an underdog.

It’s a story about love and second chances. A story about a hero.

In fact, its truly a story about more than one.

At the tail end of this past summer, just as the last stray drops of warm golden sunlight were fading away for the year – I opened up my inbox and found the most wonderful thing. In it, was an invitation to the Indian River Inlet United States Coast Guard base in Delaware asking me to chronicle the life of Mr. Beefy – a 6 year old Shelter Pit Bull mix with an incredible story. Needless to say – I graciously accepted the invitation – and scheduled the 7 hour road trip down to the Delaware Coast as soon as I possibly could. It would be an understatement to…

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Please note: this is all theory and there fore may be somewhat inaccurate.

All across the globe economy’s are getting worse and worse.

The reason,costs for everything from food to toys and textbooks.

Since everyone needs food to live,lets start with that first.

If the world production of grain were to suddenly double,the cost would-theoretically- be cut in half.Thus,if we were to increase the production of food products the price of food would,in theory,go down.In turn the price of other products would experience an initial hike because of the high demand,and then drop as the companies that produce the products sell enough to make a decent profit without high prices.

So long story short,we need to -in theory- increase agriculture(farming) to  help improve  the economy.

The Goal

Across the globe problems abound.

Looking at the major issues I realized something:

The worlds problems are like a bridge- you cant focus on the minor details that need to be fixed until you fix the big gaping wholes.And to do that[like with a house damaged in an earthquake]you may need to relay the foundation.



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